Tim and Asia have both had a long term interest in photography. Tim was widely published in photographic magazines in the 1980s and 90s, and Asia studied photography as part of her Digital Arts degree. These days they produce many photographic works together, some as artworks in their own right and others in support of their other artistic endeavours. They have a particular interest in history and sometimes participate in, and photograph historical reenactment events.

A mermaid sits on a rock in the sea, playing a lyre while a ship approaches
A sinister looking girl in a spooky room holds a flask containing a luminous green potion. Inspired by Wednesday Addams.

Shock telephone call silent movie
A mermaid sits on the floor in a room by a fire listening to the sounds of the sea in a shell

girl sitting on the moon over the sea sprinkling moon dust
infrared image of a ghost bride

Photography from period-themed events

1940s girl waves British flag out of train

1940s Girl in a Girls Venture Corps Air Wing outfit types on a typewriter

1960s Girl leans on a Sprite car