Digital Art

Asia's digital art combines her own drawings and photographs with CGI and public domain historical images to create artworks that have a traditional feel but with a modern twist. Her designs are featured on a variety of products from greeting cards and phone cases to fashion items such as dresses and bags. In 2023 she illustrated a book by author Nina Dodd about the history, superstitions and spooky goings on in the the medieval village of Dunster. Nina and Asia's book can be purchased from the Dunster Living shop and website. Her current interest is in designing repeatable patterns for wallpaper, fabric and other products.

Witches, Giants and a Ghost Cat book
Divine Creation repeating design by Asia Wetherell
In the Jungle repeating design by Asia Wetherell
Marie Antoinette repeating design by Asia Wetherell
Japanese Eight-Headed Dragon Design by Asia Wetherell
A Snake in the Grass by Asia Wetherell
Asia Wetherell Jungle Designs
a little girl sleeps
a little stands in front of a sweet shops
a plane bus picks up school children
a child watches TV with his grandmother
a cold giraffe sticks his head inside a window
Dunster beach chalets
wetherell painting