Other Projects

This page is devoted to some of my collaborative projects with other artists.

Stelarc's Partial Head Project

Stelarc Partial Head Project

I was approached by performance artist Stelarc to create a bioreactor capable of sustaining living cells deposited over a rapid prototype rendition of his face. This was an interesting (and challenging) project - the final reactor was exhibited at the Hiede Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne. You can check out some of Stelarc's other work here.

Eye Sea You

Eye Sea You, a concept developed by Asia Wetherell and cobbled together by me for Sculpture by the Sea.

Vision Tarot

vision tarot

I don't claim to be a mystic or psychic, but I've always been interested in both medieval symbolism and the science/philosophy of chance (which is a lot more complicated than many people imagine once you get down to the nitty gritty of it.) Given this, games like Tarot have always held a fascination for me. So way back in the mid nineties, when CGI and photoshop were not nearly so advanced as they are today, I decided it would be an interesting idea to recreate the traditional images from the tarot of Marseilles photographically using small scale sculptural models. This was the first real photographic tarot to be published - that is the first one that directly translated the traditional images into realistic photographic scenes. It was a crazy amount of work consuming over a year of my life and more dollars than I ever made in return. I swore never again!

Modern Medieval Tarot

Modern medieval tarot

What do they say, never say never? A decade after the Vision was published, I was approached by another publisher to create a newer, faster better, bionic version taking advantage of the huge advances in computing power that the past decade had seen. It very nearly didn't happen but a friend of mine who's a digital artist was very keen to be involved so with more than a degree of trepidation, we commenced the modern medieval as a collaborative venture. As it happened, it was fun, it was entertaining and thanks to the power of modern computing, not nearly such a huge pain in the rear as I had imagined. The jury's still out on wether it was a success in terms of dollars but you can sway that by buying a copy on Amazon :) Go on, you know you want to!

D William Platypus - Famous Artist

D William Platypus

Remember in the bio I said I'd worked on some projects that were just for fun? This was one. A fictitious artist championing an absurd manifesto and delivering critique on the art world in the process. It's not very high brow - you might think it's terribly funny or you might just blink!