The Modern-Medieval Tarot

The Modern-Medieval Tarot is a collaborative project between artists Asia Wetherell and Tim Wetherell. It's a quirky fairytale interpretation of the 78 traditional images that make up the medieval game of tarot.

In making these images we've avoided re-creating historical scenes in a very literal way, as might be seen in a period movie. Rather we've aimed for a surreal and dream-like amalgam of the old and new. The sense of ages past with hints of the unexpectedly modern and downright bizarre. What gives the Modern Medieval Tarot its unique flavour is the mix of sculptures, real people, costumes and scale model buildings with CGI and of course a whole lot of advanced Photoshop work.

Whether you use these cards for game playing, divination or simply as a pictorial work of art, they're a unique interpretation of this traditional medieval game. It's undeniably modern yet retains most of the visual elements created by the original medieval card artists and the many others who added to and adapted those images over the centuries.

One of the great things about this project from a personal perspective has been the numerous positive reviews it's received. No matter what we may say, all artists want people to enjoy their work and like the critics to say nice things about it!


A review from

"If you're at all interested in the Medieval era, and love surreal dream-like images and fairytales... you will really enjoy and love this deck!"

"I got it recently and am blown away by the surreal dreamtime imagery in this deck! So many of the cards cast a spell, transporting you to another realm."

"Lots of hidden images in the mists and ether. The models used are excellent, very sublime and smooth. There are statues, wooden horses, animals. Strange things pop up in these cards! I'm not usually a fan of photographic decks, but you really must see this deck to fully experience it's impact and sheer beauty. There is much darkness here, but in a fairytale way."

"This is a stunner of a deck. The concept is very original and inspired. The only one of it's kind. Knowing there are 1,000's of decks out there, that's quite a compliment."

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A review from Aeclectic tarot:

"The style is not only medieval, but gothic, romantic and sumptuous."

"Instead of flat illustrations, we are presented with living and breathing scenes. The deck is predominantly photographic, and every human figure is played by an actor – a real person, dressed in medieval-style costume of deep velvet or chainmail, with dramatic make-up and ornate jewellery. In this sense, the Modern Medieval is immensely theatrical and each card has been created as one might create a scene on a stage, using props, lighting, backgrounds and sets."

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The deck was published by AGMüller Urania in Switzerland.

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