Much of our work is inspired by our love of the British landscape, especially the few remaining pockets that have escaped modernisation. We have a number of fine art landscapes available for sale or alternatively, we'd be very happy to paint a place of your choice set in any era and populated by anyone you like.

painting of Wainman's Pinnacle Cowling by Tim Wetherell
painting of the dream garden at Dunster by Tim Wetherell
painting of Minehead Bay by Tim Wetherell
Starry Night on Exmoor by Tim Wetherell after Vincent Van Gogh
painting of Valley of Rocks by Tim Wetherell
Tim Wetherell, The letter in Conygar Woods
Summer in Horner wood in the style of Renoir painting
Showers Over Bossington painting by Tim Wetherell

Please email us to purchase original works direct: