After sales care

Looking after one of my paintings is very simple. Just hang it on an interior wall and that's about it. It's best to avoid constant extreme sunlight but I use good quality paints and pigments with excellent lightfastness ratings, so they're unlikely to fade in a normal household setting. A properly made original oil painting actually has far better longevity than prints or photographs!

Panels vs canvas

Most of my paintings are painted on panels because they offer better long term stability than canvas and a smoother surface to work on (see this article for more detailed information on canvas vs panels). Panels are also less prone to damage from common handling mishaps than canvas is. Many of the great Italian and Dutch masters used wooden panels and even sheet copper as substrates.


I generally tend to offer paintings ready to hang in recycled vintage frames, but I can supply them in more modern frames if that suits your decor or just as bare panels if you wish to arrange your own professional framing.