Commission a painting of your house

For a limited time, I'm offering original oil paintings of any house or building of your choice starting at just £399 (16" x 20"). The painting will be done on a museum quality archival composite panel and delivered free within the UK (£60 rest of world).

How does it work?

Send me some photos

You send me some digital photographs of your house (iphone pics are absolutely fine) and tell me what you love about the place. It helps me to know that because I can emphasise those aspects in the painting. I can also de-emphasise elements that you're not so fond of - perhaps the ugly supermarket next door :) That's the beauty of a painting, it can capture the essence of something and present it in its best light.

Deposit and Initial Sketch

Next you pay a £50 deposit via Paypal and I'll generate the initial sketch of your painting. It's fairly easy to make alterations at this stage so we can get the sketch 100% to your liking before going on. Once you're happy with the sketch, I'll finish the oil painting. The whole process from start to finish should take about six weeks. (Remember, oil paint takes time to dry!)

Tim Wetherell painting houses
Initial sketch

Tim Wetherell painting houses
Finished painting

Tim Wetherell painting housesDetail

Your painting can be supplied framed and ready to hang (at modest additional cost) or just as a panel so you can arrange your own framing.

Tim Wetherell painting houses Can be supplied in a variety of different frame styles (at modest additional cost)

Tim Wetherell painting houses The painting can even be tailored to suit an existing frame you already have.

This introductry offer is limited to the first 10 customers so please email me if you'd like to discuss it further :)