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Tim Wetherell

Tim Wetherell

Tim's artistic career began in the 1980's during which time he was a widely published photographer specialising in still life compositions that combined traditional photography with sculptural elements. This evolved into a major involvement in contemporary sculpture during the 1990's and 2000's. His work was exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, the McClelland Survey of Australian Sculpture and the National Gallery of Australia. In more recent years, his practice has focussed more on painting and photography.

Tim Wetherell

Asia Wetherell

Asia completed a Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University in 2011 specialising in digital media. She has taken a leading role in the concept development of many of our art projects and has also worked extensively as a freelance artist/illustrator designing a wide variety of merchandise such as cards and clothing.

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Wetherell Art and Design is a UK based registered business.
Proprietors Tim Wetherell and Asia Wetherell