Tim Wetherell

I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember. It’s what I was really good at in school though way back in the sixties in the grimy schoolrooms of Northern England, art wasn’t the sort of thing men, or women for that matter, did to survive. A boy needed something more practical with which to go cap in hand to his masters and betters seeking a wage. So, like most of the other kids, I studied what I was told would earn me a place in the world. In my case that was science.

I completed my Honours in Physics and Electronics at St Andrews University and even collected a shiny medal for my academic efforts which looks rather nice in the library. I then went on to complete a PhD in solid state physics then moved to Australia to undertake gainful employment. Looking back, following the science path is not something I regret at all. I’ve learned so much about the workings of the universe and yes, managed to make a living in the process. But first and foremost, I’ve always been an artist.

The art world is a fickle mistress, notoriously hard to please – and meager with her favors when you do! Though in general I can’t complain about the way she’s treated me. Over the years I’ve created works spanning a wide range of the artistic spectrum. I’ve exhibited in most of the big shows across the country like Sculpture by the Sea and the McClelland Survey, I’ve even had a piece exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia. But at the same time I’ve also worked on some very commercial projects and things that were silly and fun.

However art is a jealous mistress and the one thing she will not tolerate is a lack of devotion. It's very hard to be a successful artist and a sucessful "something else". So having made my fortune, albeit a very meagre one, in the dust and heat of LuckyLand, I decided to do what many an Englishman before me has done and return to good old Blighty with bag of gold in one hand and native woman in the other :) So these days, art has my undivided attention. What is my current occupation? I'm an artist - the end!

My medium? My work has been quite diverse over the years begining with photography in the 80's and 90's then sculpture in the 2000's. But in more recent years my artistic focus has been exclusively on painting.

I'm delighted to have had three of may paintings selected as "daily deviations" on the hugely popular art site DeviantArt:

And to have had the support of the people who purchased these and my other works without which, my practice would not have been possible.

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Tim Wetherell paints in his studio