The Beautiful Britain Series

A body of work inspired by my love of the British landscape, especially the few remaining pockets that have escaped modernisation. When immersed in these landscapes, there's a sense of historical ambiguity, the ancient hills and traditional architecture offering few clues as to which century one is in. My paintings aim to capture that ambiguity; The artistic style, the landscape itself and even the figures that populate them giving little indication as to the period they're portraying.

painting of Valley of Rocks by Tim Wetherell
Wellington Square
painting of the dream garden at Dunster
painting of Wainman's Pinnacle Cowling by Tim Wetherell
painting of Minehead Bay
Tim Wetherell, The letter in Conygar Woods
Showers over Bossington

House Commissions

If you have a property that you're particularly fond of, I'm happy to undertake a commission to paint it. Details can be found here.

painting of yorkshire stone house
painting of Edwardian house
painting of Edwardian house

Celestial Paintings

This is a body of work inspired by my life-long interest in astronomy and the cosmos. Since ancient times the sky has held a fascination for us humans, perhaps because it raises fundamental questions about our own existence and our place in the universe, so it's a outstanding subject for art. I've drawn stylistic influence from many sources ranging from Fragonard and the French Rococo to the eerie surrealism of Paul Delvaux.

Blood Moon - astronomy space painting
The Astronomy Picnic - astronomy space painting
  • The Ariel refractor - Oil on panel 12" x 16"

The Comet - astronomy space painting
The Pleiades - astronomy space painting
La Luna - astronomy space painting
Transit of Venus painting by Tim Wetherell - astronomy space painting

The Swan Nebula - astronomy space painting

The Astronomer's wife - astronomy space painting

Venus in Conjunction - astronomy space painting

Other Works

wetherell venus in the dawn.jpg
Netherwood House
  • Netherwood House - Oil on panel 16" x 20"

Princess Snobbypants

Made in China

Traditional oil paintings take at least six months to dry sufficiently for a first varnish coat and framing. Works marked NYFS (Not yet for sale) are currently drying but will be available soon either directly from me or via one of my gallery outlets. I'm happy to accept paypal so if you buy direct, you'll be protected by their buyer guarantee scheme. Reasonably priced prints of most works are also available.


One of the great powers of photography as an art form is it's realism. I don't just mean that it looks real but that when one sees a photograph it portrays an event that really happened, a person that really lived. In that way photographs have the ability to move us in ways no other art form can, even in an age of digital manipulation.

These paintography images were created collaboratively with my wife Asia, who's heavily involved in both the concepts and digital manipulation work. In these images, we're hoping to create a sort of surreal blend between what's reality and what's pure imagination.

As it happens this style of imagery follows what was very much a Victorian tradition. Models photographed in studio settings with a variety of found objects and painted backdrops depicting scenes far more exotic than the sitters were ever likely to experience first hand. Perhaps there's even a little irony too since the modern people in our works are combined into images that depict a past they will never be able to physically experience either.

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Paper Moon

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